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Hi-Target HTS-420R Total Station

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Hi-Target HTS-420R Total Station

Hi-Target HTS-420R Total Station

  • Total stasiun tanpa reflektor sumbu ganda
  • Akurasi ‘2’ dengan jangkauan 600 meter
  • Komunikasi bluetooth nirkabel
  • Penyimpanan besar, dapat dikumpulkan hingga 32GB
  • Impor dan ekspor data yang nyaman dengan port USB


Produk asli Kami distributor langsung Hi-Target Harga murah. Pengiriman ke seluruh Indonesia.

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Hi-Target HTS-420R Total Station

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Features Hi-Target HTS-420R Total Station :

  • Dual-axis reflectorless total station
  •  ‘2 ’accuracy with 600meter range
  • Wireless bluetooth communication
  • Big storage, can be extended up to 32GB
  • Convenient data import and export with USB port

Dual-axis Compensation

  • The HTS-420R is configured with advanced dual-axis compensator for auto error elimination and auto accuracy compensation.

Absolute Encoding

  • The absolute encoding disk ensures high accuracy, efficiency and stable performance. No need to initialize but to measure the angle immediately as the HTS-420R is turned on. The previous data and setting are automatically saved. No data or setting is missed even though the HTS-420R is power-off unexpectedly

High-performance MCU STM32

  • Based on ARM Cortex™-M processor, the STM32 MCU enabling the HTS-420R extra high processing speed and low-power consumption.


  • The Bluetooth wireless technology makes HTS-420R accessible to any data collector for real-time communication. The third party field software such as Carlson SurvCE is fully compatible with the HTS-420R.

Data Storage

  • Multiple data transfer options such as SD card and Micro-USB port, which can work perfectly with our complimentary dual port USB disk.


  • Adjustable backlight of the screen and the keyboard offer you a visible condition to work in the dark.

Diagonal Eyepiece

  • Support diagonal eyepiece for observations at steep line of sight. Calibration Software Real-time diagnosis can be run with HI-TARGET Calibration software, to find out the problem quickly to ensure trouble-free operation.

New Data Transfer Software

  • The newly easy-to-use data transfer software supports different type of output data format, which can be used in AutoCAD or other 3 party post processing software.

Specifications Hi-Target HTS-420R Total Station :

Angle Measurement
Measurement Method Absolute Encoding
Minimum Readout 1″/5″/10″(0.3mgon/1.5mgon/3mgon)optional
Accuracy 2”
Distance Measurement (HTS-420 with Reflector)
Single Prism 3000m (9,842ft.) under good condition
Three Prisms 6000m (19,685ft.) under good condition
Reflective Sheet 800m (2,624 ft.)
Accuracy 2 mm +2ppm
Measuring Time (Fine/Quick/Tracking) 1.5s/1s/ 0.5s
Distance Measurement (HTS-420R Reflectorless)
Reflectorless Range 600m (1968.5 ft)
Single Prism >7500m (24606ft.)
Accuracy 3mm+2ppm
Measuring Time 1.5s
Magnification 30X
Field of View 1°30′ (2.7m at 100m)
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.2m
Reticle Illuminated
System Dual-axis liquid tilt sensor
Working Range ±3′
Setting Accuracy 1″
Interface Standard RS232, SD card , Micro USB
Internal Data Memory Approx. 20,000 Points
Data Format ASCII
Operation system Real-time Operating System
Display Gray and white display with adjustable contrast; 280 X 160 pixels; 6 lines X 25 characters
Keyboard 2 sides Alphanumeric backlit crystal keyboard
Laser Plummet
Type Laser point, 4 brightness levels adjustment / Optical plummet (optional)
Centering Accuracy 1 mm at 1.5m instrument height
Power Supply
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Voltage/Capacity BT10: 7.4V (DC) / 3000mAh
Operating Time With BT10 Optimal 16 hours (Continuous angle measurement every 30 seconds) / 10 hours (typical)
Measuring Times Approx. 12000 times
Weight Weight (Incl. Battery&Tribrach): Approx. 5.5kg (12.1lb.)
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~﹢50℃( -4℉ to +122℉)
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~﹢70℃(-40℉ to + 158℉)
Dust&Water Proof (IEC60529 Standard)/Humidity IP65, 95%, non-condensing



Hi-Target HTS-420R Datasheet

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